The Cloud

Cody Pomkoski

Many people these days do not know how their technology is actually made and how it works internally. We sort of just use the technology without actually learning anything about it and what went into making such an incredible device or system. This happens with pretty much all technology like someone’s phone. If you went up to someone and asked them to tell you what makes their phone work, they’d probably just say electricity or another basic answer. In my opinion, one of the most “deceivable” pieces of technology that people usually get wrong or have the wrong perception of it is the Cloud. There are few people who believe that the Cloud is just floating around and travels in the air but it’s actually quite the opposite.

First of all, the Cloud is an advanced storage system that holds pretty much the entire world’s data and it’s all in one place. You can store your personal data into it and retrieve it whenever you want. It can even be accessed from any device at any time and from anywhere in the world. The Cloud is an actual physical facility that people can go to and see with their own eyes. It’s a series of extremely advanced servers all in one big room and is constantly on and constantly working. It’s not extremely clear as to where this facility is but wherever it is, it probably takes up a huge amount of space. In the case of who has access to your personal data besides you are another issue. Its mostly secure and only you can see it but it would be a safe bet that the big companies that oversee the facility probably have access to your data.

The main reason that people use the Cloud as their primary storage facility is because it’s extremely convenient to use. Instead of using external hard drives that you need to constantly plug in and out, there aren’t really many options. Every other storage program gives you a certain amount of free storage but eventually, you run out and they most likely overcharge you for more storage data. With the Cloud, it’s included with the device that you buy and there’s no extra costs. Also, with Cloud storage, you can access your data from anywhere and any device. With external drives, you can only access your data from that one physical device and if you forget it somewhere or even lose it, there goes all your personal info, data and what you paid for the hard drive. The Cloud is a much safer system and it’s been working for years with no real problems.

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